One day, that friendship ended when Carmen died a sudden death. After the funeral, Alexis couldn’t cry, but was very sad and depressed. Months later, her sadness grew immensely, even leading to panic attacks and fear to where she had problems sleeping at night; became a little paranoid about being in the house alone; and was experiencing loss of appetite and eventually serious weight loss. Alexis was so afraid to talk to anyone about what she was going through because she thought people would call her silly, or tell her that she should be well healed from Carmen’s death.

A year later, Alexis’ pain grew and became so unbearable that she decided to share with someone how she had been feeling since her BFF died. It was recommended that Alexis seek professional help. After a few months of grief counseling, Alexis grew stronger, gained control of her emotions and was able to resume her normal life.

I’m sure most of us can relate to Alexis’ story in some way or another. Our story may not be the same; but unfortunately, losing someone very dear to us can leave a huge hole in your heart. The pain, loss of appetite, loss of weight, and emptiness that Alexis experienced is all part of the grieving process. But the good news is, Alexis found help and resolve by seeking professional grief counseling.

(The names of the individuals in the following short story about grief have been changed for privacy purposes)