For more years than she’d like to admit, 52-year old Sharon had been depressed. She described it as a dark cloud following her every move. She struggled to get through her daily responsibilities. Activities that might take most of us a few minutes to do took her hours to complete. Sharon lived in the land of negativity; she was overcome with racing thoughts. In some ways, Sharon thought living with depression was her fate because she witnessed her mother suffer for years without treatment.

Insomnia, irritability, crying spells, excessive appetite, and forgetfulness were familiar symptoms to Sharon. As hard as she tried, it was difficult for her to have more than an occasional week of feeling good before the symptoms returned. She would make up excuses to family and friends as to why she could not spend time with them. Over time, they started to pull away which made it easy for Sharon to isolate.

In addition, activities that she at one time enjoyed were no longer filling her calendar. She gained weight and started to soothe herself with a couple glasses of wine. Eventually, a couple of glasses of wine turned into too many glasses of wine. The last thing Sharon wanted was for her husband and close friends to know of the volume of her drinking. It was her fear of being found out that compelled her to seek professional help for the depression.

Sharon used alcohol to cope – you might use something else. She learned healthy ways to manage her symptoms and started to enjoy life again. If you can relate to her story then it might be time for you to seek professional help. There is no need for you to suffer through depression alone. A licensed mental health professional at Begin Within Counseling is prepared to help you.

(The name of the individual in the following story about depression has been changed for privacy purposes)