Is it me? or did "Daylight Savings" feel like your first case of travel jetlag.

It was too much to handle after the busy new year's resolution crowd (which now you can actually get a turn on the treadmill at the gym), crazy tax season (where you either become an instant "baller-shot caller" or admitted to the ER for anxiety attacks on what you might owe the IRS) and the confusing astrological planet retrogrades (something about planets moving backwards) that has everyone in a state of weirdness.

I know! I know! That was a mouthful…. but in all its dreadful glory of losing an hour, we can count on one thing to be near: Spring!

One thing we forget during this massive season of change is OURSELVES! So, while we are washing walls, planting gardens and visiting the local Goodwill, remember these 5 tips to Spring Clean Your Life.

1. Startle those Old Dreams: Don't Throw Them Away if they still fit!
Sometimes we have big dreams but barriers get in the way that tell us "No!" or "Not Right Now!"The hustle and bustle of life gets us in a space that we often forget those dreams or tell ourselves that those dreams weren't ours in the first place. Have you ever had a dream continuously tug at your heart while you watch others achieve their goals? Yeah!! That means your happiness is asking for an AED resuscitation and FAST! Apply for that school, start that business, travel the world. You get one LIFE, so live it!

2. Clean Up After Toxic People: Setting Good Boundaries!
Why is it so hard to say NO! There's also the harsh reality that those toxic people come with the same DNA. Many have the concept that putting up boundaries mean "putting up walls." I like to see it more as "a gate." You cannot cross the line… but I can still see you… and minimally touch you. And that is OKAY! Sometimes we have to eliminate individuals and places that cause us harm. Regain control of your life and watch some things that felt seemingly "out of control" display balance. Tell Auntie Sherry that you will catch her at the next family reunion.

3. Blossom Within Your Coping Skills: Go deeper!
We always talk about self-care but will quickly name coping skills that deteriorate our health and wellness even more. Yes! I love a good libation… here and there… but have you explored other forms of self-care that didn't include a glass of wine. Yes, black girls do Pilates and white girls can dance. Let's not let stereotypes dictate the possibilities to explore our secret interests. The weather is getting nicer so have a picnic, get an adult coloring book, indulge in your favorite night-time snack. Go outside your comfort zone! "Do You, Boo!"

4. Grow in Spirituality: Explore the bigger picture!
With all the transitions in life… from watching children grow into adults to the loss of our grandparents, …you can't help but wonder what is bigger than you and I. We sit in the middle of a massive universe, discover fossils trillions of years old, and witness miracles happen every day. Utilize this new season to explore your belief system. Get curious and study other forms of spiritual practice. You will be amazed at how many overlap or have healing practices for your mental health. I'll take Zen for 600 Alex!

5. Purchase Yourself Something New: Decorate your Life with Happiness! Last but not least, SHOPPING!... Oh! Who doesn't like a good sale or a new pair of shoes. Spring is a time for newness! Treat yourself to one item that you wouldn't normally purchase! Within reason of course! As much as I would like to buy that cherry red Maserati GranCabrio, …I will stick to some cute Christian Louboutin sandals from Nordstrom Rack. Charge It!

I hope these helpful tips SPRING you into ACTION!

Good cheer to wellness lovelies! 

Valentine’s Day was Made for Singles Too!!


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Tuesday, 14 July 2020