Happy New Year!

Oh! How do we love the sounds of party horns after the grandiose countdown of5…4…3…2…1. It's a time to do away with the old and start anew. We make attempts to set new goals or resuscitate old ones we haven't quite accomplished. You know the ones! The "start back at the gym and lose 30 lbs" type of goals. We've all been there and done that. Have you ever wondered what's actually stopping you from making these goals a reality? Even if you consider yourself the in triumphing goals – how do you make them more meaningful..more gritty.. more on a deeper level of who you are?

Vision Boards:

Many people have heard about them. They're the latest craze in personal development and empowerment with events all over the city. What are they? The vision board concept is based on the basic Law of Attraction. It is the idea that positive thoughts bring positive experiences. Vision Boards are visual representations of your hopes and dreams. It becomes a daily reminder of why you do what you do; no matter if you are an entrepreneur, punch a time clock, or a stay-at-home parent. We all have dreams and desires in life. Our goals help us push forward daily.

How does one make such a vision board and what does it look like?

All you need is a poster board, magazines, glue or tape and a lot of imagination.

Now for those that have done several vision boards are looking at the computer screen like "yeah, yeah, yeah, now what? Give me something I don't know!Well, before we get to the pretty representation of perfect bodies in yoga positions and nice luxury cars; I want to give you something to think about before we all get a little crazy with the scissor. These tips are helpful in making your vision board more impactful. Reality!


Self-reflection is knowing the difference between what we WANT and what we NEED! You may want the sexy body but need a healthier lifestyle, want the luxury car but need to increase that savings account, or want the nice home but need to increase the credit score. See where this is going? We set ourselves up for failure when we don't micromanage our goals into smaller pieces that increase our chances for success.It's like a good steak! It's more flavorful when you eat it in smaller pieces and slower bites.Your vision board should reflect those things.

Don't Set Dates:

Dates can cause anxiety. A sense of failure can develop when you place a timeline on a dream. Rome was not built overnight! Why should your dreams? Life can be unpredictable and take us off course. The main focus should be on making sure you are striving to be your best self everyday that aligns with those pictures on the board. A healthier lifestyle is for LIFE… not in 6 months. My own testimony of this was a few years ago when my "Vision Card" of five items that took me 3 years to achieve. I still have things on this card today because the way Sallie Mae and I have a "love-hate" relationship, the doctorate program is just going to have to wait! Later doesn't mean Never!

Lastly: Journaling Along The Way:

It's a no-brainer we all want the best in life. It provides a sense of freedom; a reward for our hard work. Have we ever dug deeper into the reason Why? Journaling is something that many haven't thought to put together with their vision boards. Journaling gives the storyline behind the visuals. It captures the joy, laughter, fears, and tears. Who holds the memories of how you started from a mere magazine picture to a grand dream come true?

Inspirationalist Listiner Inspires (Chicago) shared these 5-steps for effective journaling:

1. 30 day brain dump....for 30 days write freely and honestly what's on your heart and mind (make sure to date each entry).

2. Next 30 days write about what you are grateful and thankful for... (This can be divided to 2 entries per day...1st thing in the mornings and end of day).

3. Next 30 days write a GOAL a day that you will focus on...write the how you plan on doing it..and why it's important to you and what skills you embody to get it done.

4. Next 30 days intentionally replace a negative thought, word or Action in your life with a positive

5. Finally (this step is key) self reflections.

Think of your vision board as the movie and your journal as the book. The book is always better than the movie!

Take your Vision Board to the Next Level and Dreams Come Alive!!

Jennifer F. Smith, LCPC