He was afraid to attend social events at his job. Going to work was a daily struggle. Lawrence, a professional man in this 30s, was tired of living his life in fear. Since college, he has suffered with anxiety. While shopping for books at his college bookstore, Lawrence become overwhelmed with physical pain and emotions. He started sweating profusely, he had chest pains, a racing heart, and he felt dizzy. He described it as, “The scariest feeling I had ever experienced. I thought I was going to die.” Lawrence later learned that he had had a panic attack. Unfortunately, he continued to have them on a regular basis.

He learned to cope with his symptoms in his own way. His primary way of coping was to avoid. Crowds made him extremely nervous. Going to a big-box store was out of the question because being near an exit was a must. Daily life was a struggle. Lawrence found that he was most comfortable at home.

Lawrence found his dream job. Unfortunately, it required that he travel and entertain clients. He reluctantly accepted the position. His biggest fear was that he would have a panic attack in front of his coworkers or clients. Just the thought of this made his stomach quiver! That’s when he realized he needed professional help.

After receiving anxiety treatment that targeted his physiological symptoms and fears, Lawrence began to live his life with little to no fear. In therapy, Lawrence was instructed on how to recreate his physical symptoms, manage his irrational thoughts, and gain the confidence that he would be okay. It changed his life!

If you can relate to Lawrence’s story, then it might be time for you to seek professional help. Living with anxiety can be exhausting and debilitating. Live in fear no more! Therapists at Begin Within Counseling would love to help you get out of your head and into your life!

(The name of the individual in the following story about anxiety has been changed for privacy purposes)