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Worrywart or Anxiety Disorder?

How often have you heard a person say, “I’m so anxious” or “I’m just so worried about…”?  Or what about the catch phrase “I have butterflies every time I think about…”? These statements are associated with very common emotions that we all feel from time to time – especially when we embark upon a new venture or lifestyle change.  The truth is — life is so cyclical that it really can be a little scary at times. For example: going to a new school; buying a new house; starting a new relationship; or starting a new job or career, can all be exciting, but at the same time be a little frightening as well. Some people fear what they do not know. The word “new” – in and of itself – can cause temporary anxiety because it takes us into an unknown place.

But, what happens when your butterflies never go away?  Day after day, you have that annoying feeling of nervousness deep inside the pit of your belly. How about the very thought of socializing presents you with so much distress and anguish that you decide hiding in the house brings you more comfort than facing people? Or, what about the unnerving feeling or obsession with pleasing your colleagues at work?  When you are overwhelmed and tormented by this type of fear, worry, distress, phobias, obsessions, or panic, you have moved past the point of being a chronic worrywart and may be suffering with an anxiety disorder. If this is the case, you may be in need of anxiety treatment.

An Anxiety Disorder—What is that?

Anxiety is a normal human emotion that all of us experience. With all of life’s ups and downs, we all deal with feelings of insecurity and uncertainty from time to time. But with anxiety disorders, you constantly struggle with fear, panic and worry so much so, that it can become very crippling for both you and your loved ones, and can even interfere with your professional career.

Then too, did you know that – just like many other behavioral health disorders – anxiety disorders and depression tend to feed off each other. In other words, anxiety can be exacerbated by other problems we encounter that we often overlook such as: insomnia, grief and loss, and even low self-esteem. In other words, if you have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, there is a good chance that similar issues are lurking somewhere nearby. But the good news is that when you receive anxiety treatment from a qualified mental health professional, you can live a normal and fulfilling life.

Helping to Ease Your Unsettled Mind.

In treating individuals with anxiety disorders, we have witnessed some of the most debilitating cases. Some were influenced by suppressed childhood trauma, or the person’s inability to function socially in society. We have provided anxiety treatment to individuals with serious issues related to their jobs which are causing anxiety attacks, depression and even stress-related illnesses. I have even provided anxiety treatment to individuals who could not participate in normal activities like grocery shopping or enjoying a movie at the theater because of the overwhelming fear they experience when being around other people. But in each case there was a common similarity; their anxiety had crossed the lines of normal and was causing a lot of suffering and dysfunction.

Don’t hide behind your fears any longer. Anxiety treatment is your key to easing your worry; and we can help you. We truly understand how being anxious all the time or stressed out about life can really disrupt your life.  We can help you ease your unsettled mind and help calm your racing thoughts by providing you with the specialized care and anxiety treatment that begins with unleashing what is already inside of you. Don’t wait. Get help today.

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