Jesenia J. Ramos

I believe trust is the most important component of a successful therapeutic relationship. My experience includes assisting victims of crimes with Victim Witness Advocates; working with children in Chicago Public Schools. I’ve also counseled individuals with disabilities and supported Individuals overcoming substance abuse. My therapeutic orientation includes Psychoanalytic Theory, Trauma-Focused CBT, Humanistic Therapy, along with Solution-Focused Therapy. I include an array of techniques from many approaches in order to make sure we can create a treatment plan designed specifically for you.

I want nothing more than to witness you rebuild yourself and your strength to overcome what is weighing you down, what’s sitting deep inside you, controlling your emotions, feeding your fears, diminishing your purpose, and taking away your deserved happiness. We are in this together. Change starts Within, but to reach Within, we must BEGIN the process, right now, at this moment.