Therapist Jennifer F. Smith

Chicago native, with experience working with adults, children, and families. As a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (Master’s Community Counseling), I enjoy helping others achieve wellness through mental health.
My passion is impacting communities through mentoring, advocacy, workshops, and mental health awareness through creative storytelling and counseling skills. My experience includes working with children (trauma) and the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, Chicago Public School programs, and home-based services with adoptive families. I’m an author of various children’s books, such as Minesa's Mindful Day and The Feel of Color.

I love empowering women dealing with a variety of issues from changes in the life stages to improving one’s own personal growth. Traveling, spending time with family, and being an active volunteer is my self-care.

I utilize various clinical modalities but highly value Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Mindfulness. I'm a firm believer in the acceptance and balance needed in oneself versus trying to completely change everything around us. With shifting the mindset, one will naturally see beautiful changes within themselves. Let’s build on positive experiences and challenge those contradictory messages that "trip us up" in life. Your quality of life is important, so let’s take that journey together.

I can’t wait to work with you in growing from WITHIN towards becoming the AMAZING person you were destined to be!